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Maximum control over your super benefits

As the name suggests, a self-managed super fund is one that the members manage for their own benefit.

Self-managed super funds (SMSFs) are one of the most popular ways for Australians to hold their super benefits. SMSFs allow for maximum control over super benefits, which in turn means that super benefits are managed in ways that complement all other elements of a financial plan. This includes, of course, your estate planning (super benefits are not generally subject to your will and, therefore. you need to make specific arrangements for the posthumous management of super benefits).

Correct planning also typically allows SMSFs to be the most efficient way for retirement benefits to be held.

Through our arrangement with JPL Wealth Financial Planners, we are able to facilitate a comprehensive SMSF service ranging from establishing a new SMSF, to managing contributions into and investments by new and existing funds, to ensuring that the fund complies with the various aspects of the super law to which it is subject. We can also assist you utilising your SMSF to optimise your life insurance arrangements.

Maximum control over super benefits

Complementing all other elements of your financial plan

The most efficient way for retirement benefits to be held

Comprehensive SMSF services

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